Meet the Frobelles

Frobelles are three sisters who love their beautiful brown skin and proudly rock their Afro hair. 

Each sister has their own unique style and personal interests. But there are three passions they all share - Family, Hair and Fashion! Their sisterhood means everything to them, and they often take inspiration from each other's wardrobes and hairstyles. They love to dress up and get creative with their slay!

Get to know Coco, Kelli and Krista with their personality profiles below. Do you have favourite? It's hard not to love them all.


The youngest of the Frobelles, Coco is the creative sis with an adorable sense of style.

She loves wearing her hair up in a puff and has a huge collection of head wraps and scarves.

Style: Cute-casual
Hair Slays: Buns, Puffs And Head Wraps
Interests: Creative Design And Digital Art



Kelli is the socially savvy middle sis who loves experimenting with her style.

She loves wearing her hair big and has a thing for bold earrings and statement tees.

Style: Statement Pieces And Accessories
Hair Slays: Afros, Blowouts, Twists
Interests: Social Media, Cool Gifs And Emojis



The eldest of the sisters, Krista is a natural born leader with a big personality.

Known as ‘the braid queen’, she loves switching up her look with beautiful braids and twists. 

Style: Sporty-chic
Hair Slays: Braids, Locs, Twists
Interests: Literature and Comics